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MediaWiki WebAuth Problem

Hi! I'm hoping you can help.

I'm trying to set up a mediawiki that is open to all but only editable by Stanford Auth folks. Your instructions really helped (thank you), and I think I'm almost there. However, a problem has come up.

I get the "Login with WebAuth" in the upper right hand corner but when I click on it I get this notice ...

Fatal error: Class 'FCKeditor' not found in /afs/ir.stanford.edu/dist/web/includes/mediawiki-1.16.5/extensions/FCKeditor/FCKeditor.php on line 92

You can try it at www.bit.ly/DELsheppard

Sites using MediaWiki at Stanford

If you run a MediaWiki site on campus, please add a link to it below.

In alphabetical order (and numbered only to make them easy to count):

  1. CSLI Publications (internal use only, on central Stanford server)
  2. EPGY wikis (several connected wikis, internal use only, on central Stanford server)
  3. Turkish Student Association http://cgi.stanford.edu/~group-sutsa/mediaWiki/

Anonymous Read / WebAuth Editing with MediaWiki

When you install a Mediawiki instance through the collaboration tools installer you are given the option of either using "No WebAuth" or "Full WebAuth". The first option lets MediaWiki handle user accounts as it would normally do, using its own authentication system. The second option locks down the wiki so that it's available only to people who log in using WebAuth, even for viewing.

MediaLinks Style Sheet

MediaLinks Style Sheet

Developed by John Foliot / Stanford Online Accessibility Program (http://soap.stanford.edu)
Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License


This is an additional stylesheet (medialinks.css) which can be incorporated into Drupal (or used stand alone) that does some checking of links based on file extension type, and add an appropriate icon after the link showing the file format. For example, a link to a PDF file will auto-magically also show a Acrobat icon directly after the link, as part of the link; current formats supported include PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and PPT. It also has a new CSS authoring class called “external” which also provides an icon after a link, indicating that it is a link off of the current site.

School of Medicine has its own wikis

Did you know that the School of Medicine has its own wikis for School of Medicine groups?

If you are setting a new wiki for your SoM group, please contact IRT's Web Help group before moving forward.


IRT has a secure wiki space called MedWiki, which runs on the Confluence enterprise wiki software.

Templates/skins for WordPress, Drupal, Mediawiki

Web Templates (Stanford Modern)
Cross post with Stanford Web Serivces

Mediawiki with virtual url proxy

If you have a virtual host proxy for your mediawiki instance, you can override www.stanford.edu as the base url of the server by adding this line to your LocalSettings.php.

$wgServer = "http://[your virtual host name].stanford.edu";

If your virtual host URL points directly to your wiki directory, you will also want to be sure that the script path is set to nothing:
$wgScriptPath = "";

I don't know if this is the final solution, but it has worked for me so far.

MediaWiki Installation Instructions

IT Services Installer

As of 04/10/09 a web-based installer is available for MediaWiki. You can find it at https://tools.stanford.edu under Web Services, Collaboration Tools Installer.


MediaWiki works pretty well at Stanford. See the installation instructions on this website. If you use MediaWiki at Stanford, please consider joining the mediawiki-users mailing list.