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In order to better share Mac-related questions and solutions on campus with other community members, the Mac OS X Special Interest Group was formed.

Apple Thunderbolt Display requires NetDB entry

Inside the recently released Thunderbolt Display from Apple is a fairly complete computer, including several controllers and other hardware trappings. The included Ethernet port on the rear of the display is not simply a passthrough, but requires a bona fide entry of its MAC address into NetDB. Yes, the display has a MAC address. Then again, doesn't your refrigerator?

This cost me 1+ hour this morning and an actual call to AppleCare, so hopefully this post can save others some headache.


ps For this interested, here are some teardown pics on the display:

UI issues after update to Lion

Searching for a solution to two UI issues I was experiencing after the update to Lion yielded an interesting command line solution.

The problems were:

1. In Safari (5.1), the address bar had a gray background which made if difficult to read. Functionality was not affected.
2. Dropdown menu widgets which normally show an up/down arrow glyph inviting you to click to open a drop down had a second, slightly offset glyph. Again, functionality was not affected.

The solution was to undo UI changes made earlier to the OS (most likely in Leopard or SL) using the following command:

QuickTime Pro 7 on Snow Leopard (downgrade)

Hi all,

If you need to "downgrade" to QuickTime Pro 7 on Snow Leopard, here's how to install:

It requires the original OS 10.6 installer disk.


Kim (Hayworth)
Academic Technology Lab

Drupal config on standalone X-Serve

I'd like to gradually add various snippets to this space as I go along.

File System: if you are running your own system you are outside AFS and are own your own for security. Your files directory can't in good conscience be set to 777, but if its set to anything else you get a Drupal "not writeable" error. You have to add apache to the group list. Set your files directory to 775.
chgroup www /path/to/files

setting up iCal with Zimbra through CalDAV

ITS has recommendations for Mac users on the the use of Apple Mail and iCal as your desktop clients for Zimbra:

iCal does a great job of keeping a cached local copy of your calendar which will sync the next time you have a network connection. Once

Troubleshooting the Cisco VPN Client on Mac OS X

When using the Cisco VPN Client from off-campus, sometimes it will throw an error on launch and prevent you from connecting to the VPN concentrator. (The specific error is "Error 51: Unable to communicate with the VPN subsystem.")

Usually, you can fix this by opening up Terminal and entering the following command at the command prompt (followed by hitting "Enter"):

About the Mac OS X SIG

In order to better share Mac-related questions and solutions on campus with other community members, the Mac OS X Special Interest Group was formed. Special thanks to Noah Abrahamson for setting up the Movable Type blog.

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